The Oakland Temple

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The Oakland Temple is a bay area landmark. Completed in 1964 the building now includes more than 95,000 square feet in Oakland, CA.


For more than thirteen years Drysdale Douglas has been working on making the temple and its grounds more accessible and up to strict California building and accessibility codes.

As the temple closes its doors each year to allow for ongoing renovation, Drysdale Douglas has stepped in.

We’ve worked on ceiling replacement, framing and drywall installation, tile work, cabinetry, metal work and much more.

Demolition projects at the Temple have included the removal of all plaster installed over all metal truss wall framing, concrete cutting and removal of a thick concrete wall approximately 30 feet in length, 16 feet tall and 12 inches deep.

It took a total of over twenty-four hours with more than 10 men to remove that single wall using only hand held jack hammers and chipping tools. No large machine operating breaking tools could be brought in and used in the building.

Drysdale Douglas performed all framing and all finishing for an estimated 4000 sq ft of high end office space, a locker room, a bridal dressing area and a reception area, all of which were sheetrocked and finished.


Leland Drysdale

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