Diablo Home Remodel

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This 5,865 sq. ft. Farm/Ranch style home was built in 1982 and sits on a beautiful 4.48 acres in Diablo, California. The existing interior was original and had a ceiling height of 8 feet at both the front porch and interior ceilings, making the home feel a little too closed in for its scale and size.


Working with the owners, Drysdale Douglas created a plan to redesign and rebuild the front porch and entryway including replacing the porch’s low T1-11ceiling with a new high vaulted wood v-lap siding ceiling as well as the replacement of the old 6’8” door with a new 8’ custom wood doorway, ornamented with fine pencil trim and layered casement and crown molding.

As part of the project, we completely designed, remodeled and built out over 2360 sq. ft. of interior living space, including the raising of all flat ceilings from 8 foot in height to over twelve to fourteen feet tall, as well as the installation of a cathedral ceiling in the large spacious master suite and a vaulted ceiling in the master suite’s bathroom.

We also designed and built a new interior front entry way with extra high ceilings fourteen feet in height and detailed out with just the right amount of crown molding and wood trim decor. We raised the ceilings in the large 7 X 18 feet hallway to 12 feet and added a double chauffeured ceiling with large crown molding and other detailing trim finishes.

At the end of the long hall, high up on the wall, you peer through a glowing octagonal lead glass window where a lit up ornate chandelier hangs over a master suite foyer on the other side of the wall, giving you the desire to see where it goes but, you are prevented to go any further because of the pair of double doors blocking your way.

We also remodeled the master suite including bathroom, closet and ceilings, as well as creating a finished attic play space for the kids, a large wood deck storage area in the basement’s crawl space, crown molding and trim on all cathedral and vaulted ceilings, a new custom bathroom in the basement and new hardwood floors throughout.


Leland Drysdale

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